Lakshadweep About this sound Lakṣadvīp (help·info), Lakshadīb, Malayalam: formerly known as the Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands s a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 kilometres (120 to 270 mi) off the south western coast of India. The archipelago is a Union Territory and is governed by the Union Government of India. They were also known as Laccadive Islands, although geographically this is only the name of the central subgroup of the group. Lakshadweep comes from "Lakshadweepa", which means "one hundred thousand islands" in Sanskrit as well as many Indian languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Tulu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and others.[3][4] The islands form the smallest Union Territory of India: their total surface area is just 32 square kilometres (12 sq mi).2 The lagoon area covers about 4,200 square kilometres (1,600 sq mi), the territorial waters area 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 sq mi) and the exclusive economic zone area 400,000 square kilometres (150,000 sq mi). The region forms a single Indian district with ten sub divisions. Kavaratti serves as the capital of the Union Territory and the region comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court. The islands are the northernmost of the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos group of islands, which are the tops of a vast undersea mountain range, the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge.


Lakshadweep is the smallest Union Territory of India and is located in The Arabian Sea. It consists of twelve coral atolls, three coral reefs, five banks, and numerous islets, and is under the jurisidiction of Kerala High Court. The capital of this union territory is Kavaratti. It is a famous tourist destination and has many state of the art hotels. Tall green coconut palms offer spectacular beauty and turn this land into a tropical paradise. The calm waters of the lagoons are home for an exotic underwater marine life that amazes viewers with a play of colors and underwater antics. Out in the open sea, Dolphins, Turtles, Tuna, Rays and Flying fish can be sighted. The main islands are Kavaratti, Agatti,Amini and Minicoy.


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Places to See in Lakshadweep


Kavaratti in Lakshadweep Islands has a beautiful Lagoon. There are several water sports for the amusement of travellers. The place also has some very beautiful mosques which represent the rich ancient architecture of India. There also is a marine aquarium representing the aquatic life of the place.


Crescent shaped island has one of the largest lagoons in the region. It has a typical Maldivian character. The significant monument of the island is the light House which was constructed in 1885. There are cottages on the island for the stay of the tourists.


The scenic islet is uninhabited but has a huge shallow lagoon. The town of Kalpeni boasts of being the first ever place where girls in India went to school. Moideen Mosque in the Kalpeni Town is one of the popular landmarks of the island.


It presents a breathtaking spectacle of coral reefs and an array of coconut palms swaying in sea breeze. Agatti Island is known to be a gateway for the Lakshadweep islands. The beaches of the island are listed among the best beaches in India.


This is an ideal spot for sunbath and water sports. The island is believed to be very rich in terms of marine wealth. Kadmat has options of scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming for the visitors.


The teardrop-shaped uninhabited island has superb beaches and beautiful lagoons. The beautiful island gives a great opportunity to unwind all the troubles and anxieties